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The Pearl Tower in Shanghai's Puxi district, China, overlooking the Bund and the river Pujiang
The Swedish Center for China Studies provides answers to questions about where China is headed


China has become increasingly important for Swedish policymakers to understand. The Swedish Center for China Studies offers analysis and advice to industry, the public sector and civil society on matters concerning China. SCCS was established in early 2020 with support from Swedish industry.
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Our Services
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We at SCCS have continuously followed China’s development for several decades. Our analyses are based on Chinese and international primary sources, unique databases and a wide network of experts. SCCS is headed by Jerker Hellström, a China analyst with a background as deputy head of research at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI).
Our ambition is to build and disseminate knowledge in collaboration with other actors and to analyze issues of relevance to Swedish industry and society.
Our focus areas include China’s
...overseas acquisitions
...position in global value chains in high-tech development
...foreign policy priorities policy objectives
...Communist Party world view
...growing middle class interests
...economic strengths and weaknesses
...influence on public opinion and policymaking
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Echo Wall
June 2020

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Decoding China 
March 2021


September 2020

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Vaccine narratives in Chinese state media
May 2021


China's brain gain strategy
February 2021

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Chinese overseas promotion of ‘smart city’ technologies
Juli 2021

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